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Rapid Sound Inc.

Mobile / Portable Radiology Services for Phoenix, Green Valley & Tucson

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Rapid Ray - Portable diagnostic imaging: x-ray, ultrasound, Doppler, electrocardiography

Rapid Ray Overview


Rapid Ray provides portable diagnostic imaging such as portable x-ray, ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound and electrocardiography. These services are provided 24 hours a day 7 days a week in Phoenix, Tucson and Green Valley. Our state of the art diagnostic equipment allows us to perform studies virtually anywhere.

Special Features of Mobile Imaging:

  1. Padded film cassettes provide comfort to the patients.
  2. High speed cassettes which reduce patient exposure.
  3. Grid cassettes to provide orthopedic doctors with high detail images.
  4. Accessibility of radiologists. We do not use teleradiology, which decreases image quality. Our physicians are located in Tucson.
  5. State of the art imaging equipment for superior image quality.
  6. Final reports can be obtained within 24 hours. Preliminary reports are immediate.

Our dedicated staff is available to fulfill all of your portable needs. Just call the number listed below and within minutes a technologist will be dispatched. Our turn-around time after our initial call is approximately 2 hrs (3 hrs. for Phoenix). This includes from the time you call until the time you receive a report. All final type written reports are routinely available within hours. We can also accommodate special requests for reports, films and services. All routine exams are performed within three hours. Rapid-ray is the only Tucson-based portable x-ray company. Our radiologists are based in Tucson. Your physician or nurse practitioner can discuss the results at anytime. Other companies use teleradiography to transmit films across the country to be interpreted. Try talking to one of their radiologists!

Rapid Ray is accredited by the Department of Health and Human Services, Medicare, Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency. We accept all insurances and secondary insurances. Our services include:

· Portable X-Ray

· Portable Ultrasound

· Portable Doppler and Vascular Studies

· Portable Electrocardiography
  (instant results with self interpretation software)



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Tucson: 520.881.2770
Phoenix: 602.971.9729
Green Valley: 520.625.7670